Who we are

Who we are

Institute of technology

IUT Saint-Etienne is part of Jean Monnet University

A good compromise between further education and the world of work, we offer.

Technical courses with the right balance between general and vocational subjects:

  • Lab work and seminars in small groups: 12 in workshop groups, 24 in seminars (More than 60% of teaching is in seminars)
  • Work placements (10 weeks minimum) to help develop the autonomy and integration skills students need to join a company.

This work connection is also provided via classes taught by professionals from local companies. This ensures our curriculum keeps pace with the fast-evolving world or work.

Our teaching staff are also involved in a variety of administrative tasks and this enhances both their teaching and their management skills.

Maximum teaching contact time is the key to a high success rate of about 85% for students from both general and technical backgrounds.

Our seven departments, three covering the Tertiary Sector and four in engineering fields, offer a wide choice of courses complemented by a wide choice of vocational degrees.